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By movies, June 4, 2016

It is commonly known that a bet placed on Spanish teams and championships is called apuestas. Some of the English gamblers also adopted this word, as Spanish sports are popular these days in the online betting field. Moreover, some established players have developed successful strategies based on apuestas. If you are patient and you dont mind loosing some money in the process at the beginning, you will develop several winning strategies based on apuestas.

Study the Spanish sport closely. Especially on football and tennis, you might discover some patterns and repetitions. Statistics are also important, as there are some established gamblers that will place apuestas relying only on statistics. However, an apuestas strategy based only on statistics might be hard to develop. This is because the bookmakers have the most advanced programs to calculate the odds for certain games. Your simple excel file wont be enough to beat the bookmaker, so you would need several additional programs to help you develop successful apuestas strategies.

Go for football and tennis. You could place apuestas on Formula 1 or basket, but football is certainly the safest sport to place apuestas. Barcelona and Real Madrid will almost certainly win most of the matches, so you could try to develop a strategy based only on those two teams. However, you will have to play your cards right, as they will certainly loose some games, making you to loose some important money on those apuestas. Think about it: the average odds for Barcelona are 1.10 these days. This means you will have to make 10 bets of one dollar on them to win another dollar. If one of those games is lost, you will loose on average. This is why you should place apuestas, which will give you higher odds. For example, an apuestas on Barcelona to win combined with an apuestas that more than three goals will be scored on a certain game will give you a decent odd of 2-2.5

If you study the statistics and the Primera Division for a while, you could develop a winning strategy based on medium sized teams. Find a striker that is in good form and make apuestas that he will score on certain games. For example, Forlan will score in most matches played for Atletico Madrid, even if his team is not one of the best in the league.

The best strategy based on apuestas is the one that involves relegation teams. However, this strategy is tricky and you will need some experience before playing this strategy right. It involves betting against those weak teams, as they will surely loose most of the matches played. Those apuestas are somewhat tricky, as you would loose them if the team manages to draw a surprising equal result.

Every good gambler knows that cups arent safe for betting. However, if you really like the Cups competitions, you should know that the safest one is the Copa Del Rey. Especially in the earliest stages, the biggest teams will steamroller their opponents. This will change in the latest stages, as the medium sized teams from the Primera Division will sometimes beat the favorites.

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